Forget courses, buy a book

I've noticed more and more courses popping up over the last few years. These tend to be training material provided by someone with experience on a topic like achieving happiness, getting in shape, life coaching, property investment etc etc.

My wife recently suggested doing a course on property investing from a well known celebrity property renovator which cost $3300 (AUD). Yes there are videos, yes there are checklists, yes there are downloadable course notes, and even access to private webinars, but come on, over three grand!?

Do you know where else you can get this same information? A book. A good old fashioned, book with the effectively the same information and advice for about $25 (AUD). OK there's no videos to download and no webinars to sign up to but what a cost difference! It's over 100 times cheaper (plus it's already printed)

“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”

Isaac Asimov

So instead we bought a book and used that $3275 to help pay the purchasing fees.