Spaceship Voyager

I’ve recently signed up for Spaceship’s Voyager investing application and so far I’m refreshingly surprised by how good a deal it is.

Signing up was quick, but I did have some trouble logging in and changing my password :-(. And why do i have to use my mobile to create an account? Can’t I sign up by using my laptop and use it’s nice keyboard to enter my details?

Overall Voyager seems like a really accessible way for anyone to get started investing with even small amounts.

Here are some of the things I like:

  • Zero fees: under $5000 balance
  • Low fees: 0.05% annual fee for index fund option or 0.10% annual fee for managed fund
  • Zero transaction costs:
    • No minimum balance
    • No brokerage fees!
    • No Buy-sell spreads
    • No entry or exit fees
  • Well diversified outside of Australia
    • Overseas 70-80%
    • Australia 15-25%
    • Cash 0-10%

This article does a great job of comparing Voyager with other robo investment options in Australia:

It's just a shame that Spaceship's Super fund options don't also offer these low fees :-(