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Dividend Imputation

Australia has a full dividend imputation system which gives investors an incentive to invest in Australian companies.

Are you Responsible?

There are two ways to achieve the things you want in life, taking responsibility yourself or giving away that responsibility.

EBikes - Now there’s no excuse

I’ve been a cycle commuter for years, ever since I started employment. In fact I’ve gotten so used to pedalling my way to work, it’s actually a novelty to have to get the train or bus. I must seem like an excited kid on the bus, while everyone around me wears the blank expression that says I sit here every fucking weekday.

Financial advisors do not care about you

You are the only person responsible for your financial future. If it all goes belly up YOU are to blame. Even if you have been given dodgy advice from a financial manager, it’s upto you to do your homework and take responsibility for your investment choices. Do you know how much you are paying in fees?, Does your advisor get trailing commissions? Why have they recommended a certain product over another?

Super Ripoff!


Recently the Murray Report found that Australian’s are paying double the fees of other Western countries for their retirement. That’s costing us $20 billion dollars each year, or an average of $1100 each!

The Joy of Index Investing

I'm a big fan of index investing, It's the secret weapon that gives the average Joe the ability to play with and soundly beat the big bully’s of the investment world.